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Welcome to the world of

Reserve Confections, your source 
for premium, imported 
European chocolates.


Time-honored recipes, premium ingredients and the highest quality standards combine to create a product that makes us proud. At Reserve Confections, old-world craftsmanship meets modern innovations to ensure rich, creamy chocolate that is unsurpassed in flavor and consistency. 

Reserve Confections carries a full line of distinctive chocolate products; from
gift-boxed truffles to individual bars.


Our chocolates come elegantly packaged for maximum shelf appeal and a beautiful presentation. First impressions aside, it is Reserves’ luscious, distinctive chocolate itself that has built our strong, loyal customer base. We are especially delighted about the enthusiastic reception that our quality chocolates have received in the world-wide marketplace. At the right price point, customers will never again have to wait for a special occasion to indulge!  


Reserve Confections ships to the United States and Canada, with expedited shipments delivered within your specific timeframe. Discover our complete array of fine chocolate products; then treat yourself and your customers to the distinctive benefits of Reserve Confections!

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